Day two of Bournemouth, I haven’t still quite gotten used to the fact that this is where I’m gonna be for a while… and definitely not the fact that they drive on the wrong side of the road, it get’s me every single time. The travel here was fine, we arrived sunday afternoon. The host family is really nice, though we do live quite a bit from the school so we have to take the bus into town for about 40 minutes, but it’s fine really… I’ve gotten used to buss rides the past three years so it’s no big deal really.

Yesterday was the first day of school, though there weren’t actual classes or anything, more of a get to know the school and the other students and things like that. There was also a treasure hunt, where we walked around a lot to find this things and at the same time saw BM, like the square, the central gardens, and of course the beach which was lovely. I have never seen so blue water in my life. And we’ve also had really good weather, sun only for three days straight now.

Today was the first day of classes, which were really mixed up and I basically just jumped right in, though there was another girl who was knew as well I met yesterday from Austria, Shilan, so we sort of stuck together, which was nice. I also met another girl from Russia, ¬†Yana, who’s really sweet but she was on another level so unfortunately we didn’t have any classes together.

So far it’s been a really good experience, there hasn’t been any trouble at all, nor have I gotten lost yet (which in my book is pretty damn good for someone who’s never been here before, and generally suck at reading maps.) And we had a blast last night at the welcome party they had at a club called The Winchesters,¬†it was really hard getting up this morning.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend, we’ll be strolling around and take photos, I’ll finally be able to upload some. And possibly we’ll go up in the Bournemouth eye, which is this massive balloon which looks really awesome, and we’ll also probably hang out at the beach and have a picnic or something like that. I’m most definitely not disappointed.


Packing like crazy

Whoever said packing was easy must have hit their head or something when they were little ’cause… damn, it’s definitely not easy packing stuff for 9 months. Would be a lot easier if the suitcases where bigger… ten times or so. Oh well, I guess I’ll just stuff it full and by another one on the way back or something if I need it… or something like that. It’s starting to get to me though, the last minute packing before my flight leaves in the late morning tomorrow. I’ll most likely forget something, I always seem to do. Here’s to hoping though!